Saturday, November 21, 2009

Campaigners publish heartfelt appeals in the media

Just a few days before the animal sacrifices at Gadhimai are scheduled to start, campaigners with the Anti-Sacrifice Alliance and Animal Welfare Network Nepal, have publiched personal stories and emotional pleas in the media, to influence the public and Gadhimai management.

First campaigner to publish an appeal is Avantika Regmi. In her write up titled 'Medieval madness in God's name' Regmi argues: 'If Nepal truly wants to progress on all fronts..., it also has to come out from the rut of this medieval mindset, of superstition and mindless cruelty.' Read the appeal at

Jagdish Aarohi, a veteran campaigner from Bara district, in today's Republica, recounted his first visit to Gadhimai two decades ago. When watching the panchhbali, the slow killing of five kinds of animals, Aarohi was 'stunned and nauseated'. 'I never knew that such kind of cruelty existed in this world,' writes the campaigner. Read the touching account at

Pramada Shah, President of AWNN, in The Guardian Weekly, recounts her horror as an 8-year old when she realised the goat she used to play with would be killed in the name of God. She says the involvement of the international community is crucial to ultimately stop animal sacrifice in Nepal. Read the story at

Pokhara-based campaigner Krishna Mani Baral handed over a petition addressed to the Prime Minister to Kaski CDO Devraj Dhakal. The memo appeals to the PM to stop the mass sacrifice at Gadhimai. For more info go to


  1. The International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India and People for Animals ( SPCA ) Haryana extended full support to all the people / Organizations protesting against brutal mass killings of animals under devotee cover, these people involved in animal sacrifice don't have any worship agenda, they want only to eat them. Shame on them.

  2. Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India supplied all animal related legislation in force here in India, let us fight together for introduction of strong legislation for animals in Nepal.

  3. If I am to understand this correctly, the last time this took place was 2004?

    Also, it seems unrealistic that legislation would change a practice that has been going on for ?? years. I am unfamiliar with the regional government where this is occurring.

    An interesting article in relation to this: