Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nepal's Laurel-Hardy speak out against Gadhimai sacrifice

'A pious man offers flowers, a sinner offers animals.' This slogan by Nepal's popular comedians and social reformers Hari Bansha and Madan Krishna was displayed at a sit in demonstration at Patan Durbar Square on November 13.

Despite a Maoist blockade, the Gadhimai darna, organised by Animal Welfare Network Nepal and Anti-Animal Sacrifice Alliance, drew a large croud. Seven campaigners sat in front of the makeshift stage with their mouths covered with black tape, to illustrate the fact that animals cannot speak for themselves. A play by the Shilpee Theatre Group interacted with the appreciative audience. Some one hundred people added their signature on a piece of white cotton, supporting the banning of animal sacrifice.

Speakers Pramada Shah, Dr Govinda Tandon, Ram Bamjon, Hari Bansha and Madan Krishna emphasized the suffering of animals by the hand of men, and the need for social and cultural reforms. Hari Bansha recalled the custom of feeding live animals to wild tigers in Chitwan National Park. 'When a tourist requested to feed corrupt politicians to the tigers instead of innocent animals, the custom was quickly abolished,' Bansha said.
At the end of the programme oil lamps were lighted by the chief guests and members from the audience, to honour the animals that will be sacrificed.

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