Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take a minute to stop The World's Largest Animal Sacrifice

Can you picture 20,000 young buffaloes being rounded up and killed by a thousand drunk men carrying large knives? A festival where 500,000 animals are killed to please a goddess?

This is exactly what -if nothing is done- will happen on November 24 and 25, 2009, in Nepal. The Gadimai Festivalin Bariyarpur, Bara District, is held each five years. The mass sacrifice turns the entire area into a marshy land of blood. Some 70% of the devotees come from Bihar, India. We have formed a coalition with Indian animals rights groups to end this bloody, cruel practice.

Go to to sign a petition addressed to the Ministers of Tourism, Agriculture, Peace and Law and Justice.

For more information about the festival go to A number of religious groups in Nepal are opposing the mass sacrifice.

Palden Dorje or Buddha Boy, a young religious leader, plans to bless the devotees ahead of the event with the aim to stop animal sacrifice:

For those who can stomach, a documentary can be watched here:

Please spread to message!

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