Thursday, November 26, 2009

Images of Gadhimai Carnage


  1. Have published this on Facebook and Twitter, will work for the next 5 years to support Lucia and her team, who will be stunned, gutted, sad, demotivated etc., Can't give enough thanks to all of you to let us know about this.

    These animals who work to keep families nurished, build their houses for their shelter, fuel their fires to keep warm, work their fields and carry their burdens have been insulted by the ultimate betrayal. THANKS FOR NOTHING, That is what I see. Campaigns for donations to buy a family in need a cow are an insult to animal campaigners. PLEASE JOIN LUCIA DE VRIES BLOGSPOT, OR IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN IN 5 YEARS TIME, SHE WAS THERE AND TOOK THE PICTURES, SHE MUST BE GUTTED, THANK HER ON HER BLOGSPOT FOR HER WORK TO KEEP US INFORMED.

  2. Shame, shame and more shame!!! I cant believe that in the 21 century, they are people so ignorant. My heart and soul are with all the poor animals that have been killed by mean people.